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Birth date of President John Quincy Adams, Sixth President

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quincyadamsJuly 11, 1767

As the first son-of-a-president President, John Quincy Adams learned from the best. He practically watched the Revolutionary War from his back yard, and learned political discourse while serving as secretary for his dad, Founding Father and President John Adams. With a Harvard law degree and illustrious career in diplomacy behind him, John Quincy was practically ushered into the White House. “Old Man Eloquent,” as he was known, had a rough time as president, especially since the growth of the US was giving rise to regionalism. To his credit, Adams tried to alleviate the sectionalism by improving infrastructure and starting projects like the C&O Canal. By the time he campaigned for a second term, however, Old Man Eloquent lost to the wildly popular Andrew Jackson. By then, presidential elections were becoming much more reflective of popular American opinion. He retired to his home state of Massachusetts, where he was elected to the US House of Representatives, which was beginning to grapple with the difficult question of slavery. Adams remained in the House for the remainder of his life and fought tirelessly for civil rights. He suffered from a stroke in the Capitol Building in 1848, where he died two days later.

Do you think it’s harder or easier for the sons of presidents to serve their own terms? Who was the last son-of-a-president to serve as president? You probably remember him!