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Birth date of Milton S. Hershey, America’s candy man

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September 13, 1857

Born in a rural community near Hocksville, Pennsylvania, Milton S. Hershey left school at age 15 to serve as an apprentice for a caramel maker in Lancaster. Passionate about the candy, he made many attempts to create his own shop before returning to Pennsylvania. It was here that he finally found success, as his Lancaster Caramel Company used fresh milk and local ingredients. Through the 1890s, after integrating it into his caramels, Hershey became increasingly interested in chocolate, and by 1900 sold the caramel company for $1 million to focus solely on that ingredient. With his wildly popular chocolate bar, and the introduction of the now-iconic Hershey’s Kiss in 1907, the Hershey Chocolate Corporation became a household name and the world’s largest chocolate manufacturing plant. His hometown was named after him, and aptly so. For Hershey was more than a confectioner: he was a philanthropist. He set up a vocational school for orphaned boys in Hershey, and bestowed upon the town many other amenities. Indeed, Milton S. Hershey led quite a sweet life.

What is the meaning of philanthropist? Why do you think Hershey was a philanthropist as well as a chocolatier?