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The American Red Cross is founded

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cbredcrossMay 21, 1881

Born in Massachusetts in 1821, Clara Barton was a famed nurse of the Civil War.  She was renowned for her bravery and was dubbed the “Angel of the Battlefield.”  After the smoke from the Civil War cleared, she went to Europe when the Franco-Prussian War broke out.  There, she began working behind German lines serving an organization she encountered called the International Red Cross, which provided supplies and relief to war victims.  So moved by the organization’s mission, she returned to the US in 1873 intending to open an American chapter.  In Washington, DC, she established the American National Red Cross with fellow humanitarian Adolphus Solomons.  The aim of the American National Red Cross, per its parent group, is to properly attend to both soldiers and civilians caught in war, from providing food and supplies to properly identifying and burying casualties.  Barton, who served as the president of the American chapter until 1904, added the codicil that the Red Cross serves victims of any trauma – including natural disaster, disease, or political conflict – in times of both war and peace.

Who are “victims of trauma?”  What kind of problems do they face and how can the Red Cross help solve those problems?  How can we help the Red Cross?