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Birth date of Larry Doby, Major League Baseball all-star

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December 13, 1923

Born to a semiprofessional baseball player in South Carolina, Larry Doby was a natural athlete, excelling at many sports. His athletic prowess won him a scholarship to Long Island University in New York, but the color of his skin kept him out of Major League Baseball. Instead, he began playing in the Negro Leagues in 1942. He left for a time to serve in the US Navy during World War II, but returned to the Newark Eagles in 1946. By then, social tides were turning, and the MLB began to integrate. Behind Jackie Robinson, Doby was the second African American to play for the MLB, and the first in the American League , when he signed with the Cleveland Indians. Like Robinson, Doby faced adversity from fans and even some of his fellow players. But his talent shined through, as in 1948 he helped his win the World Series with a game-ending homerun. He also led the league in on-base percentage in 1950, and led Cleveland to another pennant in 1954 with 126 runs batted in. Doby would continue on his 13-year career playing with the Chicago White Sox and Detroit Tigers, making all-star status in 7 of those years. After retirement, Doby coached three Major League teams and became the second black manager in the MLB. He was elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1998, and died in 2003.

Why do you think players like Robinson and Doby faced such adversity?

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