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Birth date of Julia de Burgos, Puerto Rican Poet

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deburgosFebruary 17, 1914

As one of the best Latina poets in history, and certainly the best-known female poet from Puerto Rico, Julia de Burgos was a passionate, independent, and fiery writer. After graduating from the University of Puerto Rico as a teacher, she studied poetry and wrote in both Havana and New York. Her first works were published when she was 19, and some of her most memorable pieces include “Río Grande de Loíza”, “Dame tu Hora Perdida”, and “Ay, ay, ay, de la Grifa Negra.” De Burgos was a fierce Puerto Rican nationalist, and was also ahead of her time in her feminist behavior and expression. She composed over 200 poems that were both intimate and universal. Living an unconventional life and refusing to be defined by a man, de Burgos urged minorities, women, and downtrodden to defy social conventions to get ahead in life. Unfortunately, she suffered from a long battle with alcoholism, and died of pneumonia in 1953 in New York.

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