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Amelia Earhart disappears

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earhartJuly 2, 1937

As one of the most renowned aviators in American history, Amelia Earhart would set records not only for her own gender, but pushed the envelope by soaring to heights some men wouldn’t even dare.  The “Lady Lindy” started flying young and gained international fame as the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic.  Later, in May 1937, Earhart set out to fly the longest ‘cross-the-world flight.  On the most difficult part of her trip – a 2,000-mile stretch between New Guinea and a small island in the Pacific, Earhart kept in touch via radio with the USS Itasca.  But on July 2nd, three days after she had left New Guinea, the correspondence cut out.  The last that the ship had heard of her, Earhart was updating the crew on her fuel supply but was unable to identify her location.  Fearing the worst, the Itasca searched the vicinity of Howland Island (Amelia’s destination), but oddly, no sign of the plane – or its passengers – were ever found.  Earhart’s fate has since remained a mystery.


What do you think happened to Amelia Earhart?