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Birth date of President James Madison, Fourth President

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madisonMarch 16, 1751

Born in colonial Virginia and educated at Princeton, James Madison took part in many Revolutionary assemblies, including the Continental Congress and Virginia Assembly, where he helped frame the Virginia state constitution. Following the Revolution, Madison was called to Philadelphia as a delegate to the Constitutional Convention. He participated in penning most of the Federalist Essays that inspired the US Constitution, and was thus called the “Father of the Constitution.” During his time in Congress, he helped draft the Bill of Rights. His tenure as Secretary of State under President Jefferson taught Madison a tactful approach in diplomacy, which served him well in his own presidency from 1809 to 1817. Despite his skill, the War of 1812 broke out and Madison found himself trapped in a burning Capital. There, his wife Dolley saved important documents – and a legendary portrait of George Washington – as the White House burned. Dolley, in fact, was the toast of the District, while many remembered Madison as looking old and worn. In 1817, he retired with Dolley to their estate, Montpelier, where he died in 1836.

How do you think writing the Constitution may have made Madison a better president?