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Birth date of Henry Fonda, Hollywood Legend

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fondaMay 16, 1905

Movie legend Henry Fonda was born to a humble family in Nebraska, and little did he know that one day he would be the patriarch of a distinguished Hollywood family.  After he dropped out of school, Dorothy Brando (mother of the now-famous Marlon) offered him a part in her play at the Omaha Community Playhouse.  Fonda found his calling, and followed it to Broadway.  When one of his productions was realized on the film screen, producers recognized that Henry Fonda was meant to be a movie star.  In his most notable role, he stared as Tom Joad in the cinematic version of Grapes of Wrath, a film emblematic of the economic plight that had plagued Midwestern farmers that same decade. He also shined in movies like 12 Angry Men and Once Upon a Time in the West.  Later in life, he starred with fellow “Legend of Hollywood” Katharine Hepburn in On Golden Pond, for which they both won Academy Awards. Like his friend Jimmy Stewart, he left Hollywood to serve in World War II. He was father to actors Peter and Jane Fonda. He died of a heart attack in Los Angeles in 1982.

Fonda played the main character of a popular book: Grapes of Wrath.  If your favorite book became a movie, what would the book be, and whom would you play?

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