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Maine is the 23rd state admitted to the Union

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maineMarch 15, 1820

Situated at in America’s Northeast tip and comprising roughly half of New England is the state of Maine. The origin of its name is unsure; some believe it was named for a French province while others think it was a distinction explorers used to separate Maine from its coastal islands. Whatever its origins, it is the only state in the Union whose name is one syllable. It was admitted to the Union in 1820 as a free state under the Missouri Compromise (while Missouri, a slave state, was admitted to appease proponents ofslavery). Its northern boundary, disputed by the British in Canada, was decided in 1842. Today, Maine is the most sparsely populated state east of the Mississippi, as over 80% of its land is covered in dense forest, mostly in Acadia National Park. Maine is known for its 60 lighthouses, delicious seafood and blueberries – 90% of North America’s blueberries come from Maine. Its main economy is found in servicing, paper production, fishing and mining, but tourists still appreciate Maine’s natural beauty, which has been extremely well preserved.

Maine is known for its physical beauty, mostly in its coastal towns and its massive forests. Why do you think those would be hard to preserve?