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Birth date of José Limón, innovative choreographer

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limonJanuary 12, 1908

Born in Mexico and immigrating to the US at the age of seven, José Limón grew to be one of the most important dancers and choreographers of all time. After a brief time at UCLA, Limón moved to New York City, where his passion for dance was awoken. For the next ten years, he studied with choreographers Charles Weidman and Doris Humphrey. By 1946, Limón had founded his own ballet establishment, the Limón Dance Company, and appointed his former mentor Humphrey as the Artistic Director. Limón burst onto the scene with The Moor’s Pavane, the first of many dances that solidified him as one of America’s preeminent modern choreographers. With Humphrey, he created a signature style of dancing that was strong, bold, and spiritual, and in particular empowered male dancers. Some of their other well-known dances are There is a Time, Missa Brevis, Psalm, and The Wing. Limón continued to serve his company and consistently produced unique, masterpiece dances until his death in 1972.

Why do you think it may have been difficult for Limón to carve out a space for male dancers?