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Montana is the 41st state to join the Union

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November 8, 1889

As the fourth largest state with the third sparsest population density, Montana is a wide, open expansive state situated in the Northwest, containing some of America’s most beautiful landscapes. Named after the Spanish term for “mountains,” Montana consists of the lower range of the Rocky Mountains to the west and part of the Great Plains of North America to the east. It’s called the “Treasure State” because of its astounding mineral resources; while it was settled by prospectors looking for gold in the 1860s, today it is a leading copper center for the US. Though Montana residents, far from most commercial centers, are known best of all for their outdoor life style. Hunting, fishing, and camping are some of the most enjoyable pastimes in the state thanks to its gorgeous parks like Yellowstone and Glacier National Park. Once haven to thousands of Sioux and Cheyenne tribe members before the arrival of Lewis and Clark, Montana was also the site of the Battle of Little Big Horn, a winning fight against US General George Armstrong Custer. Like so many before them, though, the Native American tribes were unfortunately driven off their land. With the majority of the rest of the Northwest, Montana achieved statehood in November of 1889.

Why do you think Montana is so sparsely populated, like most other states near the Rockies and Great Plains?