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Birth date of President Herbert Hoover, 31st President

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hoover copyAugust 10, 1874

As both a steadfast humanitarian and a brilliant engineer, Herbert Hoover bravely and deftly triumphed through many of the trials of the early 20th century. Caught in the Boxer Rebellion in China, he helped build barracks. During World War I, he safely delivered over 120,000 American tourists home from Europe, and afterward helped feed millions of starving Europeans and victims of the Soviet Famine. He became an executive favorite of Presidents Harding and Coolidge, and was easily elected in 1928 on his promise that America was on the edge of a golden age of prosperity. Ironically, however, the Stock Market Crash of ’29 ushered in a Great Depression, and Hoover became the scapegoat for it. Still, his number one priority was ensuring food and shelter for everyone, as well as completing public works like the Boulder Dam. In his honor, the Dam was later redubbed the Hoover Dam. Hoover died in 1964, having outlived his successor, Franklin D. Roosevelt. Hoover lived the longest of any ex-President past his term in office.

What was the Great Depression? Do you think it was Herbert Hoover’s fault? Why or why not?