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Missouri is the 24th state to join the Union

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366August 10th, 1821

The state of Missouri gets its name from the Missouri River, which previously had been named after the indigenous Missouri tribe that French fur traders met there in the 18th century. Historically and geographically, the admission of Missouri as a state was incredibly significant. First, it represented “Manifest Destiny” as the first state admitted west of the Mississippi River. For brave pioneers of the Oregon and California Trails, Missouri was their point of departure. Furthermore, its addition to the Union as a slave state introduced a highly debated set of conditions called the Missouri Compromise. This Compromise stated that slavery would be outlawed everywhere throughout the Louisiana Purchase (except Missouri), and that to keep the equilibrium between slave and free states, Maine – admitted around the same time as Missouri – would outlaw the practice.

Do you think the Missouri Compromise was a good decision? Do you think it helped or hurt the fight to end slavery? Why?