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Birth date of Sugar Ray Robinson, American boxer

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sugarrayMay 3, 1921

Walker Smith, Jr. was born in Ailey, Georgia, to an African American family who, like many in their situation, quickly moved up North to do escape the racial prejudices of the South.  They settled in New York City, in the black neighborhood of Harlem, where Walker started going to a gym, borrowing an Amateur Athletic Union boxing card of a friend named Ray Robinson.  “Sugar” Ray Robinson, as Walker became known, had a natural talent for boxing, and soon he was attracting crowds who’d come to watch him fight.  In 1940, he won the New York Golden Gloves Championship, and went pro as a welterweight (147 pounds).  He won the welterweight championship in 1946, and then became a middleweight fighter (160 pounds) in 1951, winning the middleweight championship five times.  In his career, he enjoyed a 91-fight winning streak, no physical knockouts himself, 109 KO’s, and a record of 175-19-6 with two no-decisions.  He has been repeatedly cited as the best fighter of all time, including from authorities at Ring Magazine and the Associated Press.  As boxing great Mohammed Ali called him, Sugar Ray was “the king, the master, my idol.” Robinson died in Los Angeles in 1989.

Do you watch boxing?  What sorts of qualities doe you think a boxer must have?

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