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Birth date of Gregory Peck, Hollywood legend

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peckApril 5, 1916

Born to humble parents in La Jolla, California, Gregory Peck began studying medicine before he realized his passion for acting. Dropping out of school and moving to New York, he worked odd jobs until he made it on Broadway in 1942. He was noticed immediately, and starred in his first two films – Days of Glory and The Keys to the Kingdom – in 1944. In the Golden Age of Hollywood, Peck made a name for himself with a tall, masculine appearance and a deep, imposing voice. He was the go-to for roles that were morally upright and intellectually complex, and he attracted A-list directors like Elia Kazan and Alfred Hitchcock. Along with Roman Holiday and A Gentleman’s Agreement, Peck was lauded for his performance as Atticus Finch, the honorable and virtuous attorney in To Kill a Mockingbird. Similarly respected in his own life, Peck was famously selfless, pleasant to work with, and contributed to organizations like the Academy of Motion Picture Sciences, the American Film Institute, and the American Cancer Society. He died in Los Angeles in 2003.

Can you name characters or actors that are “honorable and virtuous?” What makes them so?

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Birth of the modern Olympic Games

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olympicringsApril 6, 1896

In Ancient Greece, a festival was held every Olympiad (four years) to honor the god Zeus, during which athletes from different city-states would compete in Olympic Games. First recorded in 776, the games involved chariot racing, boxing, wrestling and javelin throws, among other sports. But as the Roman Empire came to power, the Greek Empire – and the Olympic Games – were extinguished. The Games weren’t revived until June 1894, when Frenchman Pierre de Coubertin launched a petition to reinstate the Olympics as an international quadrennial event. In response, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) was formed in Paris. The IOC organized the first Modern Olympic Games, which kicked off on April 6th, 1896, in Athens, Greece – home of the ancient tradition. 280 athletes from 13 nations competed in 43 separate events. Retaining tradition, the Olympics were then held every four years around the globe, barring the years during World War II. They have expanded to include the Winter Olympics, Paralympics, Youth Olympics, and Special Olympics. The next games will be held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Why do you think the Olympics are important? How do you think they promote peace among our nations?

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