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Louisiana is the 18th state admitted to the Union

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0-0_USPS12STA008April 30, 1812

The state of Louisiana is infused with a rich and diverse cultural history. It was first settled by the Sieur de la Salle in the late 17th century, who claimed the land for France and King Louis XIV. Nestled at the mouths of the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers and the Gulf of Mexico, Louisiana was once part of both the French and Spanish American empires. But in 1803, the territory was ceded to the US when President Thomas Jefferson secured the Louisiana Purchase, acquiring all land west of the Mississippi to the Pacific Ocean. Louisiana became a state nine years later. It was populated by a diverse mix of French Acadians (later, Cajuns) from the north, Creoles from the Caribbean, and white settlers looking to benefit from the state’s rich cotton and sugarcane industries. Louisiana enjoyed an industrial boom after World War II, and its wetlands and bayou are rich with mineral resources and fossil fuels. It has certainly experienced its hardships – most recently the devastation brought on by Hurricane Katrina – however Louisiana always finds its way back on its feet, and continues to be a cultural treasure to America.

Do you think it was easy for all those different cultures to live in peace together? Why or why not?