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World War I begins in Europe

By @ 07/28/65 in Blog, July

worldwariJuly 28, 1914

The world’s first massive global conflict began when Franz Ferdinand, the Archduke of Austria, was assassinated by a Serbian bullet.  The crime set off a string of political conflicts and outcries that pitted Europe’s most powerful governments against one another, with Russia, England, and France on one side, and Germany on the other.  The US didn’t enter the War until 1917, but as was the case with many other countries, it suffered greatly.  Because of the introduction of modern warfare, including tanks, trenches, and rapid artillery, World War I had devastating effects on both civilians and armies.  A truce was reached on November 11 – what Europe now refers to as Armistice Day and the US as Veteran’s Day.  And though it was unsuccessful in the long run, a League of Nations was established – with President Wilson’s help – to promote global peace.

Why do you think the US got involved in World War I, especially if it was fought in Europe?

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Birth date of Henry Ford, pioneer automaker

By @ 07/30/61 in Blog, July

hfordJuly 30, 1863

One of the most influential men in American history, Henry Ford, was born to a wealthy family in Dearborn, Michigan, but like all kids, was resigned to doing chores (like farm work).  Young Henry expressed his love for mechanics early, and as soon as he could leave home he began taking jobs at machinist shops, on steam engines, and later, with the Edison Illuminating Company.  Once he scored a big promotion, Ford began exploring his own inventions, particularly on the concept of combustion engines.  He built his quadricycle in 1896, and with enough money to invest, opened his own automotive company and factory in 1903.  The Ford Motor Company revolutionized America not only with the Ford Model T, but also with Henry’s groundbreaking strategies in manufacturing, including interchangeable parts, division of labor, and the vital moving assembly line. Ford died in his family’s Dearborn home, Fair Lane, in April of 1947.

An assembly line allows products to be made faster, and lowers their cost.  Why do you think that is?