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Happy Lunar New Year!

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It’s the Year of the Ram! If you were born in this or any Year of the Ram, you are sweet, gentle, and quiet, with a deep, introverted mind full of broad and whimsical thoughts. There’s a bit of confusion over the actual creature that defines this year, with the Chinese symbol yang (羊) merely identifying a “horned animal.” What do you prefer – a Year of the Ram? Year of the Sheep? Year of the Goat?

There’s a lot of history and heritage behind the Lunar New Year, with customs emerging every day to commemorate a culture that is millennia old. The most powerful holiday in the Asian community, Lunar New Year calls families and communities together much the same way Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa does here. Learn more about the Lunar New Year in the materials we’ve collected below! 

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Hail to the Chief!

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President’s Day

When former president George Washington died in December of 1799, the nation mourned the loss of the monumental leader for months.  On his next birthday, February 22, 1800, Congress declared Washington’s Birthday a national holiday.  The name of this holiday legally hasn’t changed, though time and our storied history have led to its reevaluated meaning and its colloquial name, President’s Day.  Firstly, in 1971, Congress passed the Uniform Monday Holiday Bill, changing many federal holidays (like Memorial Day and Columbus Day) to fall on Mondays, allowing workers more long weekends throughout the year.  Thus, Washington’s Birthday became a floating holiday celebrated on the third Monday of every February.  Secondly, since Washington, there have clearly been a handful of other remarkable presidents worth commemorating, not least of whom was Abraham Lincoln, whose birthday lies on February 12th.  Coincidentally, President’s Day always falls between Lincoln and Washington’s birthdays, and it has become a date more about the legacy of all presidents, not just that of Washington.  Next to taking the day off, many cities – especially Washington, DC, celebrate the holiday with public ceremonies.

Who is your favorite president?  Why is it important that we commemorate the presidents?